Seth Viebrock

Seth Viebrock | Developer

Seth has been building web sites for clients since 1996. Since then, he has worked on Justin Bieber's web site, led a team at a start-up company, traveled to Tokyo for data center security assessments, worked on world-class e-commerce software, provided Drupal expertise for Estee Lauder and their many international brands, started a boutique web development company, and started a few businesses, including this one. 

Seth has been a sponsor and proud supporter of several Midwestern LGBT organizations such as PFundOutfront, and the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign. He is a member of the Twin Cities gay chamber "Quorum", and is working to become more involved nationally.

Seth's education background is based in business, with a degree in Economics from Macalester college, balanced with the arts and humanities. During spare moments, he travels, learns languages, volunteers for, creates/plays/listens to music, works on entrepreneurial ventures, dances, reads, writes and spends time with wonderful friends.

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